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Physiotherapy and sport performance training at Sportkinetics Mechelen

Active, pain free, to the top.

Our first concern is to make you pain free.

Sportkinetics is for everyone who is willing to rehabilitate in an active way. 

Junior, senior, elite athlete or never done any sports before. We provide a costumized treatment to your abilities.

We could even help you today or tomorrow.
Sportkinetics is a rehabilitation and performance center located near the train station of Mechelen. Experienced physiotherapists work as a team with the most advanced technology and techniques to improve your performances.

Free to move once again

At Sportkinetics we go beyond restoring your functions.

Through our screening we evaluate your progress and depending on your objective, we strive to help you excel in your domain.

Understanding how you perform makes it possible to work in an individualized way and to become better than before. Our goal is not only to help you avoid injuries, but also to strengthen your weaknesses and improve your sport performance.

Back to the top

If sitting still is not for you and you have an active lifestyle, but an injury or pain prevents you from doing what you like, we are here to help you.


If you want to exercise again, play with your grandchildren or work in your garden, it does not matter, as soon as you have the will to be active again, we can help you.

We are not only helping you to do the things you could do before. We will also take preventive action so that, to the extent possible, you will avoid the same or other injuries.

We see an injury as an opportunity to make your body move better than before.

Every musculoskeletal injury that prevents you from moving freely or performing fully, we take expert care.

Sportkinetics is for everyone who wants to rehabilitate in an active, qualitative and fast way with as little chance of recurrence as possible.

As long as necessary

How many sessions you will need is difficult to predict. We make every effort to work as efficiently as possible. Given that the duration of the sessions are longer than with a traditional physiotherapist or sports physiotherapist, it is possible that fewer sessions will be needed.

In any case, we will not treat you longer than necessary, but also not shorter. You indicate whether or not you want extra sessions to boost your performance and make yourself better than before.


The payment is preferably done with your smartphone or with a debit or credit card after each session. Packages are also possible. Your therapist will explain you everything during your first appointment.


Our vision

Thanks to our experience as physiotherapists and the use of science and technology, we want to offer you the most optimal rehabilitation and performance improvement. Everybody is different and must therefore be approached in a different way. Through our screening we create an individualized program, with the aim of being pain free again and improving your performance.

Together we will make sure that you feel better again.

Our approach

Our absolute priority goes to a quick rehabilitation where making you pain free is given every attention in the first phase. Through our screening we discover your weaknesses and analyze the causes of your injury. We do this on the basis of a 3-dimensional motion analysis, which enables us to determine the exact joint angles, accelerations and much more during the execution of carefully selected sport specific tests.


This kind of screening allows us to develop a digital database. This gives us the opportunity to compare your scores with other athletes of your level, gender and age. The data of our screening can also easily be used to see how you evolve and what progress has been made in your rehabilitation.

After each screening you will receive an extensive screening report with your scores for flexibility, stability, explosiveness, speed, responsiveness, etc.


Sportkinetics is the first rehabilitation - and performance center in Belgium to use this advanced technology to achieve optimal recovery or to improve your performance.

Timing is crucial

We realize that for active athletes a quick rehabilitation is crucial. In our center in Mechelen you can count on the availability of several therapists who will follow you in a team and this also after office hours and on weekends.

Exercises are key

By strengthening the right muscles and by moving correctly you achieve a sustainable recovery. Your therapist will give you a number of exercises in which the right muscle groups are activated so you can, once again, move painlessly.

The pace of the rehabilitation is up to you by training more or less intensively.

At one hand we want to prevent the recurrence of the injury and on the other hand we train your body so that your performance will improve. You will also receive exercises for at home via videos.

We make time for you

A session at Sportkinetics has nothing to do with an appointment you would take with a traditional physiotherapist or sports physiotherapist. Sessions of an average of one hour to two hours allow you to optimally train and strengthen your body.

Every injury and every individual has different needs. The duration of a session lasts as long as necessary to meet these needs.

The entire rehabilitation process is therefore often shorter than perhaps first assumed.

Physiotherapy according to your needs

Our treatments are always adjusted to your abilities. With our way of working we try to help athletes, non athletes, juniors and seniors to get rid of their injuries. When you are willing to work, we are going to make it count. 

Sport performance

Even without any injury we will help you to excel in your sport. We create a personalised training schedule, that is adjusted to your competition calendar, your injury history and your strengths and weaknesses, determined by our screening. Our goal is to improve your physical performance to let you excel in your sport.

We will help you set up your running program and guide you from the beginning to the end of your 10 miles, half-marathon, marathon our iron man.


Sportkinetics Mechelen

Dellingstraat 30, Mechelen

Postal address:  Motstraat 60 P - 2800 Mechelen

How to reach us?

By car/bike


Sportkinetics is located 3 km from exit Mechelen Zuid.

Enter Mechelen Dellingstraat 30 in your gps.

There is free parking for customers at the building, also suitable for wheelchair users.


By public transport

Sportkinetics is a 20-minute walk from Mechelen Station.

Or you can take the bus. There are 4 lines that go to stop "Mechelen Dellingstraat": direction Leuven (2), Muizen or Zaventem.

You can find more info via Google or


Sportkinetics Mechelen

Kinesitherapie & Sport Performance

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