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At Sportkinetics we are specialized in the rehabilitation of complex injuries. The cause of the pain may be deeper than you yourself think. It is our mission to find this cause and to deal with it. During this process you also get to know your own body better.

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Although our physiotherapists are also graduated in manual therapy, our focus is mainly on exercise therapy. The big advantage of an active rehabilitation are the long-term effects. We do not want you to become dependent on your therapist. By teaching you how your body works and by showing you the right exercises we want to avoid injury recurrence.

Even after an orthopedic surgery, Sportkinetics is the ideal place for you to rehabilitate. In our center we help you from A to Z. From learning to walk with crutches to the resumption of daily activities or sports. Because of the longer sessions, we are also going to speed up the recovery of your physical functions and an ultimately faster recovery.


Physiotherapy at Sportkinetics Mechelen

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