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Sportkinetics Team

We are a team of skilled specialists who already have experience in other national and international centers and have helped top-class athletes with their rehabilitation and return to the professional circuit.


We work closely together so that you can profit from our combined knowledge and expertise. Your progress is accurately tracked. We follow your progress with accuracy.

Stijn Loos, kinesitherapeut | Sportkinetics Mechelen
Axel Antoine, kinesitherapeut | Sportkinetics Mechelen
Louis Ketelers, Kinesitherapeut | Sportkinetics Mechelen

Stijn Loos

Axel Antoine

Louis Ketelers

Ewout De Geeter, Kinesitherapeut | Sportkinetics Mechelen

Ewout De Geeter


Veronika Haagen


Ellen Eraly

Brand new center

Our center offers you the best quality. It is a brand new realisation (June 2018) covering more than 600 m² where all equipment and diagnostic devices are present with which we can give you the best and most efficient treatment.


For top athletes as well as for everyone who considers an active lifestyle and exercise important, we want you to rehabilitate in the best conditions. In addition to adapted rooms for different treatments or exercises we have changing rooms, showers and lockers for your availability.

We also do training in various surfaces (grass or sand) or in a swimming pool if that benefits your treatment. We strive to be a center which belongs to the best of Europe.

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