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3D motion capture, simi aktysis 3D, sport screening, bewegingsanalyse, sportkinesitherapie.

Functional screening at Sportkinetics Mechelen

Our screening room is equipped with a 3D motion analysis installation. By sport-specific tests for flexibility, stability, power, speed and explosiveness in combination with 3D cameras we get as accurate information as possible about your joint angles, accelerations and positions. This technology combined with sport-specific tests allows us to make a thorough analysis of your flexibility, stability, strength, speed, explosiveness and responsiveness.

By applying this screening in your rehabilitation we can determine the possible causes of the injury and monitor the evolution during rehabilitation. By tackling the underlying cause of the injury, the chance of relapse decreases considerably.


Within our sport performance training, screening such as this is crucial to determine your target points in function of injury prevention and a better performance. This allows us to train in a more focused and efficient way with an optimal result.

This video shows you what a screening at Sportkinetics looks like. This screening is ajusted to your abilities. People with an injury are therefore not asked to do running or jumping tests. We than focus on the stability and flexibility tests.

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