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Elbow pain: how to cure a tennis elbow? Physiotherapy

The elbow is a naturally very stable joint surrounded by 2 ligaments, a strong joint capsule and no less than 16 muscles. The majority of all elbow complaints are localized at the level of the muscles around the joint.

Epicondylalgia or ‘tennis-’ and ‘golfers elbow’:

We speak of a tennis elbow or golfer's elbow when pain occurs at the level of the epicondyle, this is the small protrusion of the humerus at the inside and outside of the elbow. The pain is the result of an inflammation at the tendon-bone transition, typically at the place where the epicondyle is located. The inflammation occurs as a result of overuse of the tendons, small cracks will form in the tendons causing inflammation to start the healing process.


When the pain is situated on the outside of the elbow we speak of a tennis elbow and the extensor tendons are affected. For pain on the inside of the elbow, where the flexor tendons attach, we speak of a golfer's elbow.

The overload of the tendon can be the result of repeated movements in the wrist and elbow. These complaints are therefore not per se related to tennis or golf, but can also arise by regular activities like wringing a mop or using the computer mouse for example.

The rehabilitation consists of training these tendons, so that it increases its load capacity and can more easily endure the requested load. It is also important to take the whole body into account. For example, a 'stiff' neck may be the cause of elbow complaints. This is because the shoulder will move less, and the elbow and wrist will have to compensate, resulting in more stress on the elbow and/or wrist.

Through a screening we can see which exercises will make your elbow joint pain free again. You also receive an exercise program for home and we reduce the chance of recurrences.

Elleboogpijn, tenniselleboog, golferselleboog, kinesitherapie, revalidatie, Sportkinetics.
Elleboogpijn, tenniselleboog, golferselleboog, sportkinesitherapie, revalidatie, Sportkinetics, kinesitherapie, kinesist, blessure.
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